Rhino Curved Jackal Bag


Rhino Rugby has launched an exciting new range of tackle bags.

They are designed to encourage coaches and players alike to commit more to, and develop better skills, in and around the most crucial area of the modern game – The Collision.

The range consists of 4 innovative and creatively designed Jackal bags;

  • The Single Jackal
  • The Double Jackal
  • The Curved Jackal
  • The Jackal Bag.

The Single and Double Jackal bags simulate the tackler trying to get their hands on the ball once the tackle has taken place and the “breakdown” occurs. They encourage the support players to adopt the correct body angles and target more specifically where the immediate threat is coming from in terms of the “jackal”.

The curved jackal bag also enables the coach to safely demonstrate skills and drills to players whilst adopting the same principles.

The jackal bag is a revolutionary new piece of equipment that enables the coach to place a rugby ball in the side of the bag. The tackler then hits the bag and is encouraged to get to his feet as quickly as possible, thus becoming the “jackal”, and attempts to rip the ball from the bag. The beauty of the bag is that the tackler can only guess which side of the bag the ball will land, thus encouraging players to react as quickly as possible!

Curved Jackal Dimensions:  86cm (H) x 47cm (W) x 47cm (L).  Weight: 4.5kg

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