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Rhino Powahouse Scrum Machine

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The RhinoPowahouse has been designed to allow scrum units to maintain pressure afterengagement through the use of an innovative head/ram/spring design.

• Innovative head/ram/spring design for training to maintain pressure after scrum engagement

• Visual advantage for coaches

• New bind bar positions for tighthead and loosehead props

• Adjustable scrum heads to suit different size players

• Centre ram can be dropped out easily for lighter forward packs or working with front row only

• Four wheels easily engaged with winders for ease of movement between sessions

• Easily stored and transported, flat packs to 1m3

• 300kgs

• Artificial pitch friendly

Wales forwards’ coach Robin McBryde, who has won four Six Nations titlesduring 13 years with the side, was key to testing the machine in the UK,ensuring it met the needs of elite modern scrummaging in the NorthernHemisphere, both on grass and artificial turf. McBryde said: “The Powahousereally tested the boys. The spring systems in the heads means it’s a realisticengagement so the front row aren't just hitting a solid object withoutthinking, and it really took some of the front rowers by surprise. 

“The way the scrum is now refereed means it is no longer just about thehit, it’s about being in the strongest position possible following theengagement, and that’s another reason why the Powahouse is so valuable intraining, it trains you to do that. In the modern game you have to bepretty close to your strongest pushing position on your set up as you’ve onlygot six inches of space to get it right, so working on the Powahouse brought agood focus to that stage of the process for us.

“When you hit the Powahouse you’ve got to work to maintain your shape,by activating your core and promoting your chest to keep your back in a goodneutral pushing position – when you hit a normal fixed sled, you can sometimesget lazy, but this machine makes you work hard to maintain your profile asfront row forwards.

“The adjustable heads also means that whatever the size or age groupsthat are working on the machine, their pushing position will never be Powahousebecause of the width of the machine, making it much safer to work on.

“The Powahouse is going to play a big role in preparing our forwards forthe toughest of all tests in Japan later this year.”

The Powahouse has been built at Rhino’s Somerset engineering base and,in addition to the spring-loaded pad system, this latest scrum sled providesa perfect coaching platform and a design that not only helps protect turf butis ideal for use on artificial pitches.

Available in eight-man and one-man variants, the machine was originallydeveloped by Rhino’s New Zealand subsidiary Powa Products, led by MD TimHorgan.

In developing Powahouse, Horgan worked with top New Zealand coachesincluding one of the world’s leading scrum coaches Mike Cron, to develop amachine to address the newest engagement and binding protocols in the scrum.

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