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Zephyr Recycled Rugby Ball

€ 12.00 
€ 12.00 

Looking for a sustainable rugby ball for your team? Look no further than the Zephyr Recycled Rugby Ball. This box of 20 high-quality rugby balls is made from 80% recycled rubber, making the Zephyr the perfect choice for any rugby team looking to reduce their environmental footprint while still enjoying the quality and performance of traditional rugby balls. Our Zephyr Recycled Rugby Balls are built to last, season after season. Featuring a bespoke tyre tread that provides superior ball grip, control and handling, the Zephyr is ideal for players of all skill levels. The innovative design ensures that you can get a firm grip on the ball, even in wet conditions, for greater accuracy and precision on the field. With a bold and modern design, you can ensure that your team will stand out on the field with the Zephyr Recycled Rugby Ball. "With the tyre-like grip, it's perfect for training sessions, sharpening up your skills – and you're also doing your bit for the environment." The Rugby Trainer, and former Osprey Ben John


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